Thursday, September 22, 2011

Knitting! yes really, knitting!

I dont knit, I've tried and it just doesn't work. My Nan was a great knitter, even she gave up on me. I made it too tight and the wool would split and I hated the feeling of the yarn on my hands. Everything I tried gained and lost stitches at will, there was loops and holes and everything you can think of went wrong.'s finally got to me I'm sick of saying to everyone "no I can't knit" it's like revealing a dirty secret and because I sew and craft and embroider and make clothes and stuff people think I should be able to knit too.So I googled and found a pattern then I googled some more and learnt some stitches and now here's my first ever finished knitting project Ta Da!

Well blogger has turned it on it's side but you get the idea, and it's finished! I'm being very disaplined with the knitting projects, especially as Spotlight had 40 percent off wool last weekend. Yes I did start something else but not until I had finished this one and I bought wool for just 1 more project, there will be NO stash! The next project is slightly more ambitious but I'm taking it slow and I found some really nice bamboo yarn so it doesn't catch on my hands.
It's also on it's side, but you can see it's lacey and has a rather involved pattern but where's the challenge if I try some thing easy, and after this I'll have something I really love and I can say ├┐es I can knit but I would rather sew" Now I just have to keep going till it's finished. Notice I haven't done anything with shaping, that's a bit too scary ! By the way the pattern is called Brooke's column of leaves scarf and can be found at there is also great you tube videos for all the rows, you can learn anything on the internet!


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