Tuesday, October 15, 2013

More books

This time from the local library. Material Obsession 1,2 by Kathy Doughty and Sarah Fielke and Making Quilts the promise of joy by Kathy Doughty. I just happened to stumble upon one of these whist returning some books and with a little more investigating borrowed all three. I really like the way that for each quilt they have explained the fabric choices and how they contrast with each other, it means that anyone could apply their own fabric taste and using the guidelines keep the contrast in the pattern. The quilts are all bright, busy and fun, with lots of large scale prints, stripes and spots, I'm not sure I could be that bold with my colour choices but it might be fun to try!
This is one of my favourites Optical Illusion- Kaffe Fanfare from Making Quilts. I love the way a traditional pattern has been given such zing with modern fabrics. Might have to try this one even though foundation piecing isn't my favourite thing to do.
These Dresdens are given a big WOW factor with bold colour choices, again I'm not sure I could be this bold, but what a lively quilt. First off to finish the quilt on the quilting frame, then maybe I can look at one of these!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

School Holidays

Are over in the blink of an eye and everyone is back to school, we were blown through the holidays with huge winds, heaps of rain and cold temps, just right for our trip to the beach! Out of the 4 days we were away we made it to the beach three times and each time had to make a run for the car when rain squalls came through. We only managed 1 sand castle and that was on the last day! However we did pretty well considering we had 12 kids and 3 adults in one house for 3 of our 4 days. The kids got on well and spent their time between a very old xbox, singstar, playing pool and a very odd card game where they had to stick out their tongue. The weather was that bad I didn't even get a photo! Of course once we were home the weather improved, so we have been out getting the veggies in ready for summer.
Here's Lewis and the girls helping!