Thursday, June 28, 2012

A new obsession?

Possibly I've just joined ravelry wow you could waste spend a lot of time cruising that site. I'm so glad it doesn't include fabric crafts coz I don't think I'd ever get off the computer! Now I've never been a knitter until I decided last year I'd better learn to knit before I turn 40, so I made a scarf, then started another, which is almost finished ( new UFO pile coming up?, no not really I will finish it soon....I promise) and with all the new yarns I can find lots that feel nice to work with. Also with a new baby on the way the baby knitting is so cute. So I started looking for baby hats, but they all use circular needles which I'm not game to try just yet, then I found this pattern by Bonnie Brann.
And I made my first hat! This is about a 6mth size and it's in a navy/purple cotton. The next one is also started and will be a NB beanie with a rolled edge, well that's what the pattern says. Looking good so far.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Good place for a village

I've been building houses, and these ones use such small little scraps it really is a joy to see those tiny pieces that I cant bear to throw away be used.

 These little ones are only 4"finished size and they are going into a table runner, I love how the colours stand out against the black, not a colour I use a lot of, but ...
And this one is for the foundation piecing class at Mrs Martins on the weekend, it's 6"finished size, not so fiddly to learn with but still really cute! If you like house blocks and want some inspiration have a look at this site I think the little houses around the edge are only 3" and they are all hand pieced. The idea is to make one house a day all year. Thats one big village!
Happy building


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Little Birdie told me

Isn't he cute

 This pattern is from and is really quick to make up, Tulley loves it and its been flying around the room with her all week. I might have to make a few more.
These guys aren't bad either, they are back for their winter seed it must be getting cold out there. Not much time for sewing at the moment, this year I started a course for children's services so I've been busy trying to get all my homework done and there is a placement component too which I am trying to finish before September because....
I might be a little busy after then.