Monday, February 28, 2011

Proud Mum!

How chuffed am I, Meg was elected school captain this week, she had to speak in front of the whole school and was elected from 9 candidates. I'm so proud of her.
She also is a sports house captain and peer support leader, wonder if she'll have enough time left in the week for any school work!



Rain Rain

Well not too much sewing here lately but we have been dodging rain drops trying to get things done in the garden. A new fence for the fairy garden, no it's not to keep the fairies in! A woven screen to hide the washing line since the tree that was hiding it died and weeding, weeding, weeding as it's still raining the weeds and the lawn are still growing at a remarkable rate. As for sewing I have quilted Tulley's quilt made by my Mum and Meg has put out her first pattern! Pop over to Mrs Martins and have a look at her blog and you'll see it.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I have had some time this week as Meg has been home from school sick, so that put paid to basketball,swimming and Tulley's play group, but I've managed to make two wallets and a thread bucket from a blog I found while surfing. I've also played a bit more with the Westalee ruler too.
Mum took the other wallet home with her it's in pink and green with polka dots and birdies. Talking of birdies, I went out in the garden today to try and get some pics of all the blue wrens but the dog kept following me so all I managed to find was this escapee.

And a few late roses

This is one of my unnamed roses I have a weakness for the bargin tables in stores and usually as well as being unwatered and wonky the lables are usually missing, but still so pretty and all for a dollar or two!  cheers


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Texas Tears

Block 4, yes I know I skipped block 3 but I think I'll just stick to the pieced blocks, fifty two 8"blocks will make a very large quilt, especially once you add sashings and borders. I'm thinking maybe 36 blocks with 2"sashings, that should come out around 60"square plus a border, we'll see what happens.
I really like this block and appropriate too as today Texas has the superbowl.
Here's what I picked up the other day at Mrs Martin's and then promptly lost it. However it was recently uncovered in the back of the car, wedged under the pram.
Sideways...Ok  Very cute little birdies and funky flowers and a quick and easy purse pattern, I think I need one of these for all those cards that hang around in your purse that you only need on the odd occasion, might reduce the bulk in my purse without leaving them behind. Hopefully I can show you a finished one soon! Cheers


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

On a Roll!

Here's block 2, not sure about the dark brown but I think once there is more blocks it will blend in OK.

First civil war block

Yay! I finally finished the first block of the civil war quilt. I've been using a westalee ruler to see how it works, because....... next month I am running a sewing circle at Mrs Martins to start the westalee sample quilt.  There is something like 100 plus blocks to make throughout the year and this sewing circle is to try the rulers and see if you like them and how they work and make the blocks along the way. I have only tried the straight ruler so far, this would be great if you were making a quilt with lots of pieces the same size or lots of strips. I am really interested to use the half and quarter square triangles, they remove the maths from working out how big they should be.

So if you would like to join us, it will be Saturday Feb 26th at Mrs Martin's in Monbulk.