Sunday, April 27, 2014


School holidays, Easter then Anzac weekend I feel I haven't been home for a month! The next stitchery is ready to go and should be done in the next few days...after I finish catching up on the washing. 

Saturday, April 12, 2014


Mum, Meg and I managed to get into Melbourne to AQC, we were there as the doors opened on the first day and got a great look at everything without it being too crowded. I got a quick chat with the Quilted Crow girls who have some very exciting news coming soon! Then a cruise around and a few purchases, some repro greens, it's  always hard to find nice greens, oops, and a yellow, some text fabric, a block lock ruler, I've been after one of these for ages and I treated myself to a tape measure bracelet from Gum Valley but it seems that Tulley has taken a shine to it and it's gone AWOL.
Then we had a look through the quilt display, some amazing quilts on display
I loved this, so often Australian wildflowers are ignored in favour of European flowers and yet they can be stunning on a quilt. These mushrooms were amazing, so densely stitched to give fantastic detail.

Then we went to test drive some sewing machines for Mum, that was a lot of fun but I'm still staying loyal to Jenny my Janome! Next we found material Obsession and I lashed out and bought some of Kathy Doughty's range of fabric, yummo!

and I know just what I'm planning to do with this. After all this we headed to Chinatown for lunch and then off to do some clothes shopping.
And finally here's Flynn and his backpack at the Patchwork Teahouse stand.

A lovely day out with Mum and Meg.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Anyone off to AQC? I'm hoping to go tomorrow, but I managed to finish this little fella just in time to go with Marilyn from the Patchwork Teahouse
I had seen the fabric when Marilyn ordered it and had something in mind for when it arrived in May, but on Sunday I was dropping patterns to Marilyn for the show and it had come in early so I raced home with a bundle of new fabric and a request that if I could get it back to her complete and with the pattern by Tuesday she would take it to AQC. Once I had the fabric home the ideas started flying and the original idea was shelved and this took over I think he turned out pretty cool. Let me know if you spot him at  AQC!