Saturday, June 22, 2013

Winding Ways

I was working over at Mrs Martins today and met lots of ladies out doing the winding ways shop hop. Two were buying supplies to head off to a quilting retreat in New Zealand, there was also some heading to Rawson with the Pakenham patchwork group and some just out for a good time and a nice lunch. It was a beautiful day to be out in the hills, brilliant sunshine even if it was a bit nippy!
That was on the car thermometer on the way to Karen's this morning!
This was the view
Frosty and no I wasn't driving and taking photos, Meg took these for me, it was too cold to stop!
I bought a few things to play with, I've spent too much time on pinterest lately and too many things I want to try, but I thought I'd start with these.

Some BIG hexies, diamonds and vliesofix, no they are not all for the same project, why limit the UFO's.
While I'm downloading photos I can't resist a pic of my little man having his first haircut last night.
Before with big brother
And after

What a hansom chickie, of course I may be a bit biased!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Another run

This time 7km! it's our longest run so far and although we were limiting our runs to 5km there just wasn't any around. So we jumped in and had a go, it was a beautiful day, sun was shinning and the start time was a very reasonable 9am. We did the run and were greeted on our return with a free massage and morning tea! A very pleasant morning indeed and many thanks to the Coburg Harriers Athletics club for running the event.
I even got and action shot!
When I got home I found the two girls busy with a sewing project, here's their efforts, Meg's sewing skills and Tulley's instructions.
and one happy little sister!

A good weekend all round.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Cold grey and rainy days, which is nice really because we need the rain and a good excuse to sit in front of the fire and sew. But today has been an exception 16 degrees and sunny with a light breeze, so all the washing is on the line drying and I have been sitting in the sun reading the last couple of chapters of my Miss Fisher's  Murder  Mysteries book while cuddling Lewis, he's getting three top teeth and is not a happy chappy. He's a bit squirmy to sew with on my knee so I'm enjoying the book and really glad I picked up the next one as well. In the meantime I have got a little sewing done. Here's a peek at a new quilt, it has some piecing and some small felt applique too.