Thursday, August 25, 2011


Still trying to get around to sorting out our holiday pics, but here's one you just have to have after visiting central Australia
Yes it really is that spectacular and yes it is worth traveling that far to see it! I loved Ayers Rock and the Olgas On the first two days we had sunshine and a light breeze, perfect to do all the walks and the on the last two days
rain! But it just made it even more spectacular, in the rain Ayers Rock is covered in lots of waterfalls and pools of water, the waterholes are all full and it changes to this silvery grey colour, a real treat to see.



Friday, August 12, 2011

Better Weather

Here's hoping for better weather this weekend, I'd like to get into the veggie garden and do some prep for the spring planting, but we'll have to see what happens.
The Fairy Circle pattern is back from the printer so that's another job for the weekend, packaging and a hanging sleeve for the back of the quilt.
Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fairy Quilt

Here's the result of the cake making,
a ladybug! Not too bad except for the licorice spots which tried to curl up after a while and the dog who pinched the remaining half while we were trying to clean up afterwards. But at least it wasnt the multi-coloured disaster I was predicting. And next is the long awaited Fairy Quilt

the photos not great so here's a closer shot
Hope you like it, the pattern will be available in the next week or so, at Mrs Martins and the Patchwork Teahouse.


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Little ducks

It's been a productive week, so far I've quilted the fairy quilt and have the binding on, with any luck I'll get it sewn down tonight and then there's just the pattern to finish. Then there's been the washing that's finally finished and all the camping gear is packed away again Yay! I feel like life is back under control again (is it every really under control?probably not but I can dream). Just have a look at this groovy binding I made for the fairy quilt.
Meg has been busy making these little meringue ducks they are sooo cute!


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Washing Washing Washing

Well guess what  I've been up to ....yep washing mountains of it all from our trip and all covered in red dust, luckily the weather has been good. Also this week we have had Tulley's 2nd birthday so a bit of cake making has been going on, practicing for the weekend when the rest of the family will be here. At the moment we are tossing up between the very hungry caterpillar cake which she calls a cat-o-pillow or a pink and purple hippo. Wish me luck it could be a big multi coloured disaster!
We have down loaded some of the photos, this is Jordan's favourite
Boys never grow up! and here's Tulley working on some birthday presents

Oh if you pop over to Karen's blog she has a dotty quilt thats nearly finished and loving displayed by Sybil (the dog)



Monday, August 1, 2011

I'm Back

Just ducked out for a little bit but I'm back now, actually we've been on holidays for the last month seeing a lot of the country that we've never seen before and it was nothing short of spectacular! And the weather! mmmmmm lovely, while poor old Melbournians were freezing and slogging it out in the rain we had 18 -25deg days and very little rain. The place we had the most rain was Ulluru which is really stunning in the rain, the waterfalls are amazing and it changes colour to a silvery grey. Photos to follow but at the moment they are still in the laptop numbering somewhere around 800! So not too much sewing over the last month but I have been appliquing dots, a simple project that I could do while travelling. I saw this quilt at the Monbulk quilt show, very simple pattern but really effective, I pre cut all the circles and squares before I left from all of my reproduction fabrics the colours are warm and muddy and great for hiding all the red dust they came into contact with.
I see blogger hasn't changed it's still randomly rotating my photos. Just a small selection of the dots I think I managed 127 or so while away, the background squares are 4 1/2" and the dots are a 2"circle. I'll be back with more photos soon.