Monday, December 30, 2013

Spoilt again!

I thought I'd make you all jealous and post a photo of my christmas parcel from Wendy.
Gorgeous santa and little bird felt ornaments, a table runner some choccies all topped off with a handmade card and red and white string. I have been so lucky, all year I have received the most thoughtful gifts and Wendy does the tiniest hand stitching, her work is just amazing. Thank you Wendy I have been truly spoilt this year!
On the training front I have been slack again and eaten far too much of this
I know it looks strange but it is totally moreish and very bad for the waistline! We make it ever year for Christmas, I use a small packet of Nutrigrain 1/2 a cup of peanut oil and 2 packets of french onion soup mix, pretzels and leave out the peanuts because I don't like them that much. This is what is left

Update on the quilt, the binding is still not finished, no progress on the other 2 quilts I mentioned, but I did tidy up my stash and the christmas decos are packed away. Time to get off the puter and do some stitching.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Little Bro

My Little brother turns 40 tomorrow, so today we left the beach to come back and rub it in and make sure that everybody knows! Now writing this I find I have hardly any photos of him, this is the best I can do.
 however I have many lovely photos of his boys
this is Oscar and Hunter with my Dad.
This after Christmas lull is always  relaxing and my favorite part of the year with the good weather, sandcastles and the cricket on, this year we headed to Walkerville and the Weathermans family dropped in for a beautiful day at the beach.
Now we are home for a few days I have the itch to finish off some projects that have been hanging around for a while, might be the guilty conscience before the new year! I have quilted my Granny Square quilt and the binding is nearly finished, then there is two more lined up after that! The garden is being a bit neglected as we saw a large snake in there just before Christmas and I don't want to run into it again, so that's a good excuse to get a bit more sewing done.
Also I really, really have to do some more training before triathlon pink at the end of January!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Have yourself a merry little Christmas!

Presents are wrapped, the shopping is done, most of the house has been cleaned and the lawns are mowed Phew I'm nearly ready for Christmas....and a holiday!
We went to the children's service at church tonight, it's always entertaining, it's the only service I've seen where a donkey ( real donkey called Francesca)  walks down the aisle with Mary on her back and then stays for the service because she likes the singing. Tonight the children had to make the nativity scene by finding the figures around the church and of course there was the conga line following the (pretend) camel???? The service is conducted with help from Clary the cockatoo (a puppet) and finished off with a song from the donkey's point of view,

Hee-haw, hee-haw, doesn't anybody care?
There's a baby in my dinner and it's just not fair.

It's a lot of fun. Now I'm just waiting for the kiddos to go to sleep and listening to the end of the Carols by candlelight.
So what ever you are doing tomorrow I hope your day is special and spent with loved ones.
Merry Christmas

Friday, December 20, 2013

Woo Hoo!

School has finally finished for another year and it hasn't come a day too soon. I think we all just made it over the finish line. The past two weeks I have had to drag everyone out the door to school and really not much happened once they got there. As I heard one Mum saying yep we really wring em dry round here" It was Hayden's final day of primary school today and I didn't even cry! Maybe that's because I'm still running the playgroup at the school and then, the next year Tulley starts, so I'm not really leaving just yet I've still got 12 years to go!
Look I finally got him to smile!
No such trouble with Meg she's still smiling after 5 top of class awards and the Health and PE domain award which came with a rebel gift voucher.

 Now it is time to look forward to Christmas to wind down and do some proper relaxing! Yep that's just what I'll do, after I drop Jordan at work at 7.30 tomorrow morning, so much for the sleep in! Have fun!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Super Quick Tree Decos

I love to think I can make loads of handmade gifts for Christmas but in reality it rarely never works out that way. I made a few of these trees the other day and they were super quick and easy and used up lots of little scraps.
 I started with two 5"tall 60 deg triangles, the blue is felt and the red and white spot is fabric. You can also put fusible webbing on the back of one of them which would make it easier but I'd run out.
 Use a small piece of 1"wide ribbon folded over for the trunk, then place the felt over the top. Layer on ribbon and braids and top stitch them down though all the layers.

Put a loop of ribbon between the layers at the top point and stitch right around the edge.

 Trim the edges of your ribbons and braids and you're done!
My first bit of Christmas for this year, tomorrow I tackle the shortbread and mince pies!