Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Quilt to you wilt

I went to quilt to you wilt last Friday night at Mrs Martins, WOW you should have seen the cake,it was to die for!!!! actually you can see the cake if you pop over to karen's blog  it was soooo yummy. I'm planning to make it for the Weatherman's birthday on the weekend, even if it's a total disaster it should still taste OK as it's full of icecream and violet crumble, yummo


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fruit and Veggies

The garden has been doing it's own thing and with all the rain and warm weather it can almost be seen from space! Here's some pics to show what's been happening.
Veggies, onions,celery,cabbages,broccoli and some basil


Mr Kiwi in flower, pity Mrs Kiwi isn't co-operating!

Cherries, hiding from the birds

Blueberries just starting to change colour

and raspberries!



Thursday, November 3, 2011


As you can see I've been having a bit of a makeover on the blog, I finally managed to add a picture behind the header, if only I hadn't over thought it all I could have done it months ago! I had tried before only to have the photo take over the entire page, so I googled and tried to reduce the size very technically and follow all the fancy instructions and it never worked. Yesterday I cropped it in Word, saved it and uploaded and it's fine duh!
 I have also learnt how to add pages, Yay! So we now have a patterns page which I will keep adding to over the next few days and soon all our patterns and new releases will be there! All our patterns are available from Karen at Mrs Martins Quiltshop and Marilyn at http://www.thepatchworkteahouse.com/, they both run a great mail order so give them a call.
Enjoy Your weekend!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Melbourne Cup

Melbourne cup Day today here in Victoria and yellow roses are the order of the day for all fashion savy race goers, each day over the cup carnival features a different flower, mostly roses, except for Derby Day which has a blue cornflower, then the cup is yellow roses, Oaks Day, otherwise known as ladies day is pink roses and Stakes Day or family day is red roses. Flemmington racecourse has the most amazing rose garden with a lovely Crepescule hedge and they get them to flower just at the right time every year.
You can see the hedge in this photo it's the apricot line down the side of the track.
An update on the hexies......well I'm still tempted but I really need to get some UFO's out of the way first!