Friday, September 21, 2012

Ikea saves the study

What do you do when you have a new baby? Paint, decorate and reorganize the room that you have been going to do for the past eleven years, of course. The weatherman had a week off to help with the new baby and what did we do, well it started with an epic trip to Ikea, epic because Ikea is about 60kms from home and Lewis was only a week old. It took all day with a trailer in tow but we managed to get it all in one trip except the doors which weren't in stock, then paint and removal of the old and much building of flat packs later it's starting to look like a study again. Hopefully this weekend it will be finished and I can take some photos of it all finished and looking spiffy.
So far....
Now I just have to add all my sewing bits and pieces, there is a A3 set of drawers underneath for all my patterns as well as another set of drawers, and some kitchen style wall cabinets yet to go up for my magazines and sewing books. Finally after 11 years I will be able to get some of my sewing stuff into the study and not just the weathermans computers and weather stations bits. Yay!!!
Building flatpacks with a baby
And of course a pic of this little fella
Have a great weekend!

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  1. Hello Michelle, congratultions on the birth of little Lewis....nothing like a new baby in the house...good luck with your re arranging...hugs O'faigh


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