Tuesday, January 31, 2012

and one little tomato

Ok round here it doesn't seem it's going to be a good season for tomatoes, I prepared early, bought some nice seedlings, which I didn't let die by the back door. Put them in and kept them weeded and watered and them we had lots of wet and cold weather and them lots of humid weather and then a big long dry patch I really don't think they know what season it is anymore. I have half ofthem looking like they are nearly dead and the rest thriving but not many tomatoes either way.
Here's what I picked today.
Two large gold zuchinni, a bunch of cellery,spring onions and....one little pink pearl tomato! The chooks are laying really well at the moment so I'll be making some more zuchinni slice, yum. Looks like I'll have to wait a while longer to make the tomato sauce.
Hope your tomatoes are doing better than mine.


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