Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas Day and are enjoying the lull between Christmas and New Year. We have been spending time enjoying our pressies and watching the cricket, with the odd nanna nap thrown in!
So now I've been think of the New Years resolution, I always never ever stick to them so this year I'm putting in some planning, thinking about how and when I can fit in that daily walk and how I can possibly finish all my UFO's before I start anything else, of course the last one is never going to happen but with some planning I might be able to come up with a compromise. I have gone through the sewing cupboard and found all the UFO's that were hiding there and I am now formulating a plan to finish some of them in the new year, wonder if that will work? There are a couple of long term projects in there that won't be finished quickly, but there are a few that are achievable. For a start 3 scarves that had been cut out and had been mellowing in the cupboard for..., well at least 8 months were finished yesterday! This thangles quilt that I posted about a while ago is still on the list
the blue scarf I have been knitting is also on the list but has been growing steadily and should get some more attention soon. All in all there are seven items that could or should be finished soon and seven long term projects that I hope to make some progress on next year. And then there is the wish list, all those things I want to start but I really shouldn't until I get at least some of these finished.
 How's your list looking?


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