Thursday, January 6, 2011


What a nice start to the new year, a few days on the beach at Phillip Island.Lovely weather and the kids had a ball playing cricket and boogie boarding in the surf. Tulley loves the water but has a little problem with the sand... she can't stand the feel of it on her feet! We had quite a few laughs at her expense watching her curl up her toes or stand on the towel and try and work out a way to get to the water with out touching the dry sand.
I got a little stitching done, block 7 of The joy of life by Rosalie Quinnlan. It's a project I started a while ago as something small I could take with me when I had a lot of waiting to do, and I have steadily been getting through it, however for the past 18 months I have had Tulley to keep me busy while waiting and so progress has slowed a little, but it was nice to get back to it seeing as I only have two blocks to go and all the bias and the backgrounds have been made already.
Here's how the garden has been growing while I was away.
Tomatoes, getting bigger

First crop of plums from this tree, ignore the pear and cherry slug on the leaves, I'll deal with them later

and asiatic lillies, they smell delightful! But they give me terrible hayfever if I bring them inside, so I'll just have to admire from afar.



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