Saturday, April 30, 2011

Apple Festival Time!

Tomorrow is the Gladysdale Apple Festival, it's our school fundraiser for the year so if anyone is cruising the Yarra Valley tomorrow why not drop in and give us a visit. It's on Little Yarra Rd Gladysdale you can't miss it, there's not much else in Gladysdale!


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sore Paw

Warning, Warning! Cleaning really is bad for you. I was attacked by a savage broom, yes you heard right a broom, and 12 stitches later I'm sitting here looking at all the things I was going to finish over Easter. Firstly the plan was to paint the outside of the house, we were off to a great start, two walls were done and I was on the roof of the verandah cleaning down the end of the gables to paint when the metal broom handle snapped and tried to take off the end of my finger, luckily my first thought was to grab hold of it really tight and get the hell off the roof, that done I didn't make it much further only to sit down before I fell down and wait for the ambulance that Meg had rung to turn up and cart me off to hospital. The two ambos were great they made sure the kids were OK with the neighbour before they left and even said they would fit them in if they did't have anywhere they could go. My neighbour Sue was a hero who toke all of them until DH could get home. But now all I've done is sleep on the couch between batches of painkillers and watch the football and Easter was going to be so busy....maybe next year



Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A little sewing

School holidays here at the moment so not much sewing going on, we've had a few extra kids over to play and a lot of rain in the first week. I have managed to get the fairy project into one piece, now I just have to get it on the quilting frame. I am happier with how it looks now, which is good and maybe over easter I'll get it quilted. I also have two new designs I've been playing with on EQ7. I asked the family to vote on which one they liked and they didn't choose the one I was hoping for, so now I'm not sure which one I should make first. Maybe it's einee meenie minee mo?



Friday, April 1, 2011

Westalee 1-10

Well I've finally got some sewing done, nothing finished but the first 10 blocks of the Westalee quilt are done and they went together easily.
Think I can see a red white and blue theme happening here and these were all scraps pulled a random from the scrap box! I also have been working on a quilt that I've had around for a little while, it just didn't go together with quite enough oomph. So I've been jiggling the blocks and borders, trying to give it a boost. Here's a few sneak peeks.
Pretty fabrics with fairies, hopefully this pattern will be out soon and then I'll be able to add another finish to my list, Yay!