Sunday, January 16, 2011

Arrrgghhh Teenagers!

Well no start on the civil war blocks yet, I was going to get lots of sewing done today but...It started out well and I got the babushka quilt on the quilting frame (yep the one I started before christmas) and then couldn't find the fabric I needed to piece the backing. I spent ages looking for it and finally offered a reward for the finder which sent Meg off on an in depth hunt....still no luck. In the mean time it was lunch which returned the boys to the house where I was able to hog tie Jordan (14 yr old boy) and throw him in the shower. He had been at a friends for the last few days and his hair which is out of control at the best of times was now matted into 1 large dreadlock. It needs daily washing and brushing to keep it under control and large doses of very expensive conditioner, so two hours later I emerged the other side of the hair and Meg had now stumbled onto the fabric I had been looking for, so I sewed the backing and threw that on the frame. So something got done but I still haven't started quilting yet....maybe once they're in bed.
Here's a pic of the hair on a good day!


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