Sunday, July 28, 2013


It's a bloody long way to Darwin, yes that's why I have been missing for a month. Put our family in the basket labeled nutters and otherwise loopy people because yes we decided to drive to Darwin with a baby, 3 yr old and three bigger ones just for fun! Well it was fun, lots of it, and parts were quite amazing, awe inspiring and by driving you really get the picture about just how BIG this country is. So now I will bombard you with photos and bore you to tears and whinge about how warm it is up there and how we all want to go back right now!!!! OK I'll try not too but it was soooo warm it was lovely. We saw many amazing places Devil's Marbles was one of my favourites.
Litchfield, Kakadu, all just as spectacular as the brochures say, Darwin is a lovely place, very easy to get around. We enjoyed Katherine, Edith falls is a beautiful place to swim and Katherine Gorge is spectacular, even with the crocodiles, freshwater only please!

 A night at the Daly Waters pub has to go on the list for entertainment! Batchelor is the prettiest town, fish feeding in Darwin was fun, the list will go on but for the moment that's all I have time for , the washing must go on and there's all the unpacking!!!!!
Just one last photo to remind myself just how warm it was!


  1. would love to see more..........glad you had a great day i will get there..........

  2. Sounds hot!! Looks like you had a fantastic time.


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