Saturday, June 22, 2013

Winding Ways

I was working over at Mrs Martins today and met lots of ladies out doing the winding ways shop hop. Two were buying supplies to head off to a quilting retreat in New Zealand, there was also some heading to Rawson with the Pakenham patchwork group and some just out for a good time and a nice lunch. It was a beautiful day to be out in the hills, brilliant sunshine even if it was a bit nippy!
That was on the car thermometer on the way to Karen's this morning!
This was the view
Frosty and no I wasn't driving and taking photos, Meg took these for me, it was too cold to stop!
I bought a few things to play with, I've spent too much time on pinterest lately and too many things I want to try, but I thought I'd start with these.

Some BIG hexies, diamonds and vliesofix, no they are not all for the same project, why limit the UFO's.
While I'm downloading photos I can't resist a pic of my little man having his first haircut last night.
Before with big brother
And after

What a hansom chickie, of course I may be a bit biased!


  1. Great pictures ,your little one looks great with his new haircut.x

  2. what a cutie Michelle,he looks so handsome with his new haircut,yes the weather and frosts its been so cold.xx

  3. It's a frost here this morning too, still it's nice to have a change from all the rain! Your little man is so cute.

  4. Hi Michelle,
    Oh the first very cute.
    Love that cute little face.
    Cheers, anita.


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