Monday, July 29, 2013

More photos!

In no particular order because I haven't organised the 50 million photos from the 100's of different devices they have been taken on, so mostly these are from my phone, but then there's the kids phones x 2, the ipods x3, the small camera, the BIG dad camera and the ipad and I still can't find a photo of Edith Falls! However I did find our partners in crime, yes we are not the only mad ones out there! We had 7 families with 15 kids and 3 dogs set off together, then we broke up into 3 groups depending on how much time we had and what we wanted to see. Some had 5 weeks and others headed to Broome and then we caught up to some of them again on the way back at William creek on the Oodnadatta track.
Lewis trying to figure out whether it will eat him, luck this ones fiberglass!

This one wasn't! A small freshie so they said but there was no way I was swimming in there!
Robin falls we stumbled across by chance, it was beautiful just a short walk up a cool creek to a secluded pool and waterfall.
We also had a birthday while we were away, Hay turned 12.
There was also time for a bit of craft, I finished this beanie for Tulley
 and lots of felt applique too, this is all the trimmings!
A spot of shopping at Dragonfly fabrics, the only patchwork shop in the NT.
something different, I have them lined up to make some new cushions for our family room and the pink butterflies a cushion for Tulley's bed when I paint her room.....soon. And the story continues.....

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  1. Looks a wonderful holiday Michelle, love the beanie you made.


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