Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Cold grey and rainy days, which is nice really because we need the rain and a good excuse to sit in front of the fire and sew. But today has been an exception 16 degrees and sunny with a light breeze, so all the washing is on the line drying and I have been sitting in the sun reading the last couple of chapters of my Miss Fisher's  Murder  Mysteries book while cuddling Lewis, he's getting three top teeth and is not a happy chappy. He's a bit squirmy to sew with on my knee so I'm enjoying the book and really glad I picked up the next one as well. In the meantime I have got a little sewing done. Here's a peek at a new quilt, it has some piecing and some small felt applique too.


  1. Poor Lewis, teething is no fun! Your new quilt looks great, love the applique blocks!

    1. Thanks Wendy I hope to get some more done this weekend


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