Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Names names names!

It's got to be one of the hardest things to do, name a child, and as I've already named a few the choices are getting harder. Now our last name throws a spanner in the works it's short, one syllable  and a hard sound and it just doesn't go with anything I like! With each child I have suggested we change our last name, that always goes down well...not.
So after a quick poll of most of the Mum's I know it seems that Dads aren't, as a rule, very helpful, well the weatherman is no exception he likes none of my names but won't offer any suggestions at all and with only a week or so to go I'm starting to worry we will have a child with no name.
Now my past adventures in baby names have not always gone well. Jordan was Jacob very deffinitely until he cried ,....and cried ....and cried only when we called him Jacob so we stopped which stopped the crying, yep I'm serious! and three days later finally called him Jordan But the ribbing by friends, family, nurses even the cleaner made those three days without a name unbearable and I do not want a repeat! Meg was different she arrived with a name, pity it sounds ridiculious with our last name, but we had two lovely girls names picked but when the weatherman held her up he announced those names are no good she's a Meg and so she is. Hayden's name was decided by Jordan, it was one of our choices but by the time he arrived Jordan had firmly determined that he was Hayden and there was no going back. Tulley I loved and knew it just had to be but when she was born the weatherman announced no she doesn't look like one to which I nearly flew off the bed and attacked him like a jack russell until he relented and said OK I guess she is but we'll put a E in it to make it more girly OK I was ready to compromise. So if you'd like to suggest something.......



  1. Naming a person is a very difficult task! Good luck with it. I think when we name number 4 we might let our other 3 kids decide hehehe x


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