Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I didnt think it would be this hard...

a) to find a pram that will still fit in my car and take 2 children
b) to get a second baby seat to fit and still be able to access the third row of seats
c) to find a sales person that understands what the heck I'm talking about
Ok I'm having a whinge again but it has just been the most frustrating time, from a sales girl who showed me two different prams that dissassembled into 47 different pieces and still didn't fit then showed me one that would but when I asked where the second seat went she replied öh no this is only for one" well duh I already have a pram that does that see it's right next to you with a child in it! To a mechanic who told me well you shouldn't need to access the third row of seats as they are only for occasional use and my child shouldn't use them on a regular basis, well thats fine but what do I say when the cops pull me over for having them strapped on the roof instead? No one seems to understand the concept of more than two children in a family.
Ahhh I feel better now.
Thanks for putting up with me.

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