Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Shortest day

Yes we're heading back to the sun, days are now getting longer again and spring will be on it's way! OK OK maybe I'm jumping the gun a little but it's just sooooo cold and we didn't really get much summer here this year I can't wait for the better weather. We had a big storm this week strong winds and rain and the only branch that came down landed on the washing line, again. Luckily it's a circa 1960's hill hoist so it's only bent two of the arms but it has left it unusable. Lots of Melb and surrounding areas were hit really hard so I think we've got off lightly.
I've decided to unpick the Stonehouse Mill quilt and put in the second lot of blocks, I think it makes the centre panel stand out a bit better.
OK well I was going to add a nice cheery spring inspired pic but blogger says otherwise so it's pictureless, maybe next time.



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