Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Blocks

More cutting out, these are the new blocks for the quilt, I'm hoping these won't be as busy as the previous lot and calm the quilt down a little. The original blocks will then go into another quilt with plain sashings.
I have been using the Westalee square in a square trim guide to cut the corners off of the triangles, it's making the square in a square blocks a lot more accurate than I normally make them, which is also making the finished blocks more accurate also, yay!
What is it that when I try to lay out a quilt to look at it the kids decide to play on it, it's like moths to a flame. I was trying to motivate myself to finish quilting this quilt and Tulley decided it was the place to play ball. It's one of those projects that I ran into problems with it sitting flat when quilting and I really like the quilt so I don't want to muck it up, but it all got too hard and was put away to "mature" for a while.
I still can't work out why it turns the photos around, it seems totally random.
This quilt was thangles sampler blocks, a month by month project that I actually kept up with, I really like the fabrics it's all reproduction prints and I plan to put in on our bed........ when I get it finished.


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