Saturday, May 28, 2011

Quilts and Footy

Not much happening around here lately, the current quilt has stalled a little. I put it all together and decided that the center block and geese looked great,....but the surrounding blocks are perhaps a little too busy. Soooo I've been cutting out more blocks and trying to gat a balance between busy and boring, I think I'm getting somewhere....hopefully!
I've also been looking at my finished items list and noticed that not much has actually got finished for a while so I might have to do some work on that this week too. Of course things like westalee blocks for classes and some, and I stress some, of the civil war blocks have been finished but they are just blocks not a completed item so they don't rate a mention on the "list". I've also been doing some blog hopping and I love this site she has some lovely quilts with an antique feel to them go have a peek.
Well I'm off to watch the footy Gold Coast are scaring the pants off Geelong, could be the upset of the year!



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  1. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. I can't believe you said in a previous post that you had snow! We visited the Yara Valley some years ago when we were over on holiday - I remember we had lunch in a very nice winery!


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