Wednesday, May 11, 2011

There's snow on them there hills

It's snowing and it's freezing here today. I can see snow from the kitchen window so I've been keeping warm with the wood stove on making flocks of geese for the next quilt.
Aren't they pretty. Just four small star blocks left to make and then I can put it all together.
 On a different note here's what I was given for mother's day He's a robot vacuum cleaner (of course he's a boy, don't we all dream of a man who vacuums?) and I love it, I push the button when I leave to drop off the kids and by the time I get back the crumbs are gone and he's back in his dock recharging for next time. The best bit is I can set it in the bedroom and it vacs right under the bed, wonderful! The kids have named him Dustin

.... Dustin Beiber.



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