Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I have had some time this week as Meg has been home from school sick, so that put paid to basketball,swimming and Tulley's play group, but I've managed to make two wallets and a thread bucket from a blog I found while surfing. I've also played a bit more with the Westalee ruler too.
Mum took the other wallet home with her it's in pink and green with polka dots and birdies. Talking of birdies, I went out in the garden today to try and get some pics of all the blue wrens but the dog kept following me so all I managed to find was this escapee.

And a few late roses

This is one of my unnamed roses I have a weakness for the bargin tables in stores and usually as well as being unwatered and wonky the lables are usually missing, but still so pretty and all for a dollar or two!  cheers


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