Sunday, February 6, 2011

Texas Tears

Block 4, yes I know I skipped block 3 but I think I'll just stick to the pieced blocks, fifty two 8"blocks will make a very large quilt, especially once you add sashings and borders. I'm thinking maybe 36 blocks with 2"sashings, that should come out around 60"square plus a border, we'll see what happens.
I really like this block and appropriate too as today Texas has the superbowl.
Here's what I picked up the other day at Mrs Martin's and then promptly lost it. However it was recently uncovered in the back of the car, wedged under the pram.
Sideways...Ok  Very cute little birdies and funky flowers and a quick and easy purse pattern, I think I need one of these for all those cards that hang around in your purse that you only need on the odd occasion, might reduce the bulk in my purse without leaving them behind. Hopefully I can show you a finished one soon! Cheers


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