Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Road trip

Yesterday was our 20th wedding anniversary. Yes how the heck did I get that old without noticing! Anyway the weatherman was working in Ballarat and suggested that seeing all our weekends are booked up until 2015 sometime why don't I drive up and stay and we could go out for tea. So after a quick phone call to see how many kids I could rent out for the night I took off with just the two little ones for a terribly romantic, well a night out. I even took a frock and heels!!! However that's not he exciting bit, on Monday while looking at the map I discovered I would pass right by Ballan and Mill Rose quiltshop!!!!  After listening to shez and Christine tell their stories about the place well I just had to have a detour. It's much bigger than it looks and the ladies were lovely and friendly, even though Lewis wanted to run after sitting in the car and was making his opinion heard! So we went for a run in the park, a banana and came back to have a second look with a much happier kidlet. I found a few things that had to come home, two repros and some orange, I find it really hard to buy nice orange and yellow. The orange floral and white  is for the background of a double wedding ring quilt with scrappy bright rings. I have been looking at one the Material Obsession girls have been making and fighting to resist but  thought this was a bit of serendipity, finding just the right background on our anniversary!
While we were talking I mentioned I worked for Karen, from Mrs Martins, they had her confused with someone else. We got it straightened out when I said "the one who wears the scissors through her head!"Ah yes now they knew who I was talking about and so will you if you've ever seen her out at a show! More about the Ballarat quilt shops next time......

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  1. Congratulations on your anniversary, we were 20 years this year too! Sounds like you had a fun road trip and I love your new purchases. The wedding ring quilt sounds a lovely idea.


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