Thursday, January 10, 2013

I really shouldn't mention

the weather, but it's all everyone is talking about. HOT HOT HOT and we are a lot better off than most of the rest of Australia. OK that's done I can get on with other things, next on the list is the finish along I'm going to join to hopefully get a few things finished. First finish I'm planning is this

Lewis' quilt, it still hasn't been quilted! Next is this one from our trip north 18mths ago
I've made a lot more blocks than this but none of it is put together yet and there's a camel to applique on too. Then there is this quilt which I just adore but each time I pull it out to quilt it it gets overwhelming and I end up putting it away again, but I can't enjoy it in the cupboard so something has to be done!
So that's what I'm hoping to finish by April and I'm sure there will be more to start too!!! However here's the first finish for 2013 Flynn the Fox
and the pattern is nearly written too.
The kids have been busy too, Jordan has been welding a new pump shed for the fire pump, here he is sporting the new welding helmet Santa brought, do you think Santa has underlying reasons for his presents?
and Hayden has modified his remote control car the play music from his ipod and us face time as a camera to see around corners
Meg put on a fancy dress show complete with Dame Edna glasses but was too shy for a photo, shame I could have used those for her 21st!
Keep cool!

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