Thursday, August 4, 2011

Washing Washing Washing

Well guess what  I've been up to ....yep washing mountains of it all from our trip and all covered in red dust, luckily the weather has been good. Also this week we have had Tulley's 2nd birthday so a bit of cake making has been going on, practicing for the weekend when the rest of the family will be here. At the moment we are tossing up between the very hungry caterpillar cake which she calls a cat-o-pillow or a pink and purple hippo. Wish me luck it could be a big multi coloured disaster!
We have down loaded some of the photos, this is Jordan's favourite
Boys never grow up! and here's Tulley working on some birthday presents

Oh if you pop over to Karen's blog she has a dotty quilt thats nearly finished and loving displayed by Sybil (the dog)



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