Saturday, March 19, 2011

Monbulk Quilt Show

Wow there is so many talented people out there! Mum, Meg, Tulley and I went over to the Monbulk quilt show, organized by Mrs Martins Quilt Shop, what a display, every type, colour, technique, you can think of, even one by two 9yr old girls. I came home with lots of inspiration and a boot load of plants from the footy club's stall and have spent the last few hours digging in the garden trying to find just the right place for each one. I bought 3 silver birch for Meg's garden and 3 ornamental pears (still looking for a spot for them), gardenia, pepino, thornless blackberry, autumn raspberry, elderberry, white dogwood along with a few salvias I picked up from the market last weekend it'sbeen a busy afternoon.



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