Friday, March 11, 2011


Every so often I go out to lunch with a few friends, today we went to Bella Verdere near Healesville, they have great bread, nice wine, good food and a veggie garden to die for! As one of my friends said "we'll just get you a plate of bread and cheese and leave you in the garden" she knows what I like! I even had to be called back in when lunch arrived. This was a rambly (is that a word?) rustic, cottage veggie garden with little plantings of every thing everywhere and wonderful woven edgings around each one similar to the screen I have been making.
This is the spud bed, sorry for the photo but I only had my phone with me.
This is the arbour walk it has salvias and borage planted along the sides and lots of geraniums in all flavours.There is also fruit trees and lots of herbs, it was divine.
I seem to have missed all the flowers in the photos, I think I was concerntrating on the woven edges, well there was lots of flowers too and quirky posies on each of the tables of apples and hawthorn, just my cup of tea. I have to go back in spring.



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