Sunday, May 25, 2014

New Dolly

Tulley has learnt the joys of Pinterest and has been searching through pages of dolls so Mum (me) can make her a new one. Not that she doesn't have enough already. So Friday is our day home, we started with a plan a lot of enthusiasm, by Friday night we had a head, Saturday night a body and by tonight we have hair and a face. Of course when you are 4 this seems rather a looooong time, so she slept with a head, took a bald faceless dolly on the trampoline and finally she is finished, but still naked, oops so we have borrowed some pjs from another doll. 

And in action!

Hope you had a great weekend. 


  1. aawwwhh so cute.xx

  2. Finished or not, she looks like she is already treasured.


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