Wednesday, January 15, 2014

And another one!!!

Don't worry I'm sure this finishing things will wear off pretty soon!  This is the same quilt done in repros with a black background. This one I left off the corner blocks and made an octagonal quilt, just for something different.
Using the black background was a bit challenging. I usually avoid anything black, I don't even wear black, but I read an article about using black in decorating and decided to give it a go. I even bought myself a black t shirt just to see how far I could push it!! I have a friend who has a similar aversion to green, she even chose the school her kids went to because it had a blue uniform. Anyone else have least favourite colour? And what would happen if you were pushed to use it????

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  1. Dislike yellow but try to include it in quilts to give them a lift. Love your quilt.


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