Thursday, October 10, 2013

School Holidays

Are over in the blink of an eye and everyone is back to school, we were blown through the holidays with huge winds, heaps of rain and cold temps, just right for our trip to the beach! Out of the 4 days we were away we made it to the beach three times and each time had to make a run for the car when rain squalls came through. We only managed 1 sand castle and that was on the last day! However we did pretty well considering we had 12 kids and 3 adults in one house for 3 of our 4 days. The kids got on well and spent their time between a very old xbox, singstar, playing pool and a very odd card game where they had to stick out their tongue. The weather was that bad I didn't even get a photo! Of course once we were home the weather improved, so we have been out getting the veggies in ready for summer.
Here's Lewis and the girls helping!


  1. what a cutie this little guy is Michelle he seems fascinated with the chooks,lol.xx

  2. It sounds like your holidays were the best fun. Tell me about the card game and sticking out your tongue....sounds fun!! Great when all the kids get together and have a good time.
    Cheers, Anita.

  3. What a shame about the weather, we are having stormy weather here too. Such a cute photo of Lewis and the chooks!


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