Sunday, September 15, 2013

Friday 13th

And blogger wouldn't let me post, 2 days later and I've managed to get it to work through firefox, but I'm not superstitious which is just as well as the weatherman (husband) flew home from Tassie on Friday here's a pic of his ticket
Yep it's Friday 13th in seat 13A boarding at 13:05, needless to say he made it home safe and sound. When they booked his ticket they asked if he minded traveling on Friday 13th.
On to crafty things my spring stitchery in the celebrate swap arrived from Wendy and once again she has outdone herself, she does the most amazingly fine and even stitches I'm thinking I may need some granny glasses to improve mine!
With three fat quarters from the new Lynette Anderson range in pretty mauve and grey to match, now what to make up with it?
I have posted mine off with a small hiccup, I lost it....and found it again, when I was about half way through stitching a new one, greatly relieved I quickly packaged it up and sent it off and forgot to take a photo again!!!! But I did get a photo of my new quilt, I'm almost up to quilting, which I'll have to do without the quilting frame as it's not square, on purpose of course!
I guess you'd call it a stretched octagon, I think the quilting will be rather plain as it's a fairly busy pattern.
Happy stitching.


  1. lol Lots of number 13's there girl. The pattern might be busy on your quilt, but so pretty. Have fun with it.
    Cheers, Anita.

  2. That is a lot of 13s! Your new quilt is gorgeous, love the different shape too.


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