Monday, April 22, 2013

We made it

to AQC! I left the boys and Tulley with Dad to have a bonfire and cut some wood and took Mum, Meg and Lewis to AQC and then into town. I did a little shopping at the show...
vintage feedsacks from Luccello, yummo
ballerinas on black, not my usual style but Meg loved them and aqua map of Paris, she's into all things french,
a pink repro and my fav, froggy green, that's what I call it anyway, the colour here is not good, it's a real 1940's green that is really hard to get. Mum picked up a red brolly pattern and a few brochures, she's in the market for a new machine.
We also found Flynn sitting on his perch people watching.
Then off into the city, we found the real luccello shop, no easy task but very cute. Then we wandered through a few of  the old arcades and lots of laneways, took Meg through China town and into Myers, which stocks OPI nail polish, every single one of their 300 or so colours! She chose a set of 4 minis and is very pleased, she's already tried all of the colours out, not on me this time. Even Lewis had a good day, he's been getting teeth so hasn't been the happiest camper and a day with Mum, mostly in the baby carrier or the pram just watching the world go by was just his speed.

I could of slept like this on the way home! Lots of walking, but a lovely day out. Meg is already planning a return trip!


  1. so glad you had a wonderful time Michelle,lots of lovely buys and how cute is Lewis.xx

  2. Sounds like a lovely day and your new fabrics look lovely. Lewis is gorgeous. xx


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