Saturday, December 22, 2012

3 more sleeps

The little people around here are getting just a little excited, but life has actually calmed down a bit and I'm settling into holliday mode. Christmas shopping is finished and we are going to family for christmas day so I don't have to cook this year. Tomorrow is going to be 38c here so I'm planning some sewing with the aircon on, trying to get some UFO's finished before I have to make the same new years resolution as last year with the same projects still unfinished! No I'm sure I finished some of them...and made some more too. Tomorrow night is christmas carols at a friends mum and dad's house. They host carols every year for the neighbours and friends, this will be my 28th year. I've been going ever since I met Bec in high school. My kids think it's some kind of strange torture I put them through each year but I just keep telling them they will have traditions to tell their grandkids about one day. Tonight was carols at Warburton with friends and as I'm writing this I'm listening to the end of Carols in the domain and Lewis has fallen asleep in my arms, he's all carolled out.

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