Thursday, November 22, 2012

Off to the Show

The Lilydale Show that is,we had a great time, it has all the animals rides showbags and expensive junk food of the Melbourne Show but with easy parking and room to move. We even stayed to watch the fireworks and Lewis was amazed at all the rides when they were lit up at night. This is him watching a particularly terrifying ride called the Free Style, not one I'm planning on going on soon!

Hayden on the dodgem cars with Pa
The craft and produce was also perused and discussed, things like "how on earth do they get zucchinis like that at this time of year?" and much rose blossom envy going on in the cut flower section.
Quilts were stunning and had a wide range of styles, there was also a miniature section but I forgot to take any photos. The quilt in the centre of the top row was called Where's the Chook? because all the appliqued circles are actually egg shapes, it's a reproduction of an antique quilt and it was probably my fav because of all the civil war fabrics.
We'll be back again next year!

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