Thursday, June 28, 2012

A new obsession?

Possibly I've just joined ravelry wow you could waste spend a lot of time cruising that site. I'm so glad it doesn't include fabric crafts coz I don't think I'd ever get off the computer! Now I've never been a knitter until I decided last year I'd better learn to knit before I turn 40, so I made a scarf, then started another, which is almost finished ( new UFO pile coming up?, no not really I will finish it soon....I promise) and with all the new yarns I can find lots that feel nice to work with. Also with a new baby on the way the baby knitting is so cute. So I started looking for baby hats, but they all use circular needles which I'm not game to try just yet, then I found this pattern by Bonnie Brann.
And I made my first hat! This is about a 6mth size and it's in a navy/purple cotton. The next one is also started and will be a NB beanie with a rolled edge, well that's what the pattern says. Looking good so far.

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