Saturday, October 29, 2011


The irises are out, I am so lucky to have such a large variety of these beautiful flowers, there is about 20 different varieties. One day while having a BBQ at a friends house we watched the neighbour a few houses down ripping out a whole garden of irises, when he started throwing them on the bonfire we jumped the fence and rescued them! Turns out he didn't like them and the couple that had owned the house had collected them for years. Well they have a good home here, and every year I'm reminded of Mr and Mrs T who had to leave their irises behind when they moved onto a nursing home.
Blue ixias, the colour of these is a wonerful duck egg blue, it hasn't shown up that well in the photo but the colour is so unusual for a flower. This is only the second year they have flowered, before I finished the garden edging Phill always thought they were stray grass and whipper snipped them just before they flowered each year! After 9 years in the garden they are now doing great.
Hope you are enjoying  your garden too.


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