Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Choices choices

Guess what I'm trying to do, yep decide on paint colours. I would love to say I'm going to paint my sewing studio which would sound great, but as my sewing machine is currently sitting on the kitchen table I'm really just painting the kitchen and family room and I will just have to dream about actually having a room of my own.
The colours haven't shown up very well but they are a range of light blue to aqua and at the moment the preference seems to be with the second from the top but half strength.
Tomorrow I'm hoping for a sunny day as I'm taking Mum over to see Karen's new shop, it's only small but it's full and it's so cute, then we're taking Tulley to Emerald Lake for a picnic. Hopefully we'll see Puffing Billy, Tulley loves Thomas the tank, if only Thomas clothes came in pink she'd be happy!



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  1. I go to Karens for sewing circle. It's nice and cosy. She has done a great job.


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