Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sore Paw

Warning, Warning! Cleaning really is bad for you. I was attacked by a savage broom, yes you heard right a broom, and 12 stitches later I'm sitting here looking at all the things I was going to finish over Easter. Firstly the plan was to paint the outside of the house, we were off to a great start, two walls were done and I was on the roof of the verandah cleaning down the end of the gables to paint when the metal broom handle snapped and tried to take off the end of my finger, luckily my first thought was to grab hold of it really tight and get the hell off the roof, that done I didn't make it much further only to sit down before I fell down and wait for the ambulance that Meg had rung to turn up and cart me off to hospital. The two ambos were great they made sure the kids were OK with the neighbour before they left and even said they would fit them in if they did't have anywhere they could go. My neighbour Sue was a hero who toke all of them until DH could get home. But now all I've done is sleep on the couch between batches of painkillers and watch the football and Easter was going to be so busy....maybe next year



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  1. Take care, maybe it was the easter bunny telling you to slow down.


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